Cape Cod Select Premium Cranberries

What is your product name?

Cape Cod Select Premium Cranberries

Who are you and how did you get your start?

Cape Cod Select was formed in 2009 to be the marketing arm for Edgewood Bogs LLC. Edgewood is a 4th generation 200 acre family farm owned by Matt and Cindy Rhodes. Their 3 sons all work in the business. Cape Cod Select provides Premium frozen cranberry products to the marketplace so the health benefits and versatility of cranberries can now be enjoyed year round.
“Cranberries For All Seasons!”

Where are you located?

Carver, MA

What’s in your product and how do you make it?

Whole frozen cranberries, whole frozen Cranberries Plus Blueberries, Whole frozen Cranberries Plus Apples

What’s your favorite way to use your product?

I love to eat them in a smoothie, but also love to bake with cranberries and make sauces & chutney’s

What’s your mission?

Our mission is to educate consumers on the health benefits of cranberries and to be the premier supplier of healthy frozen fruit products to the marketplace.

What is your website url?

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