Cush’s Homegrown

What is your product name?

Cush’s Homegrown

Who are you and how did you get your start?

Chris Cushing started as hobby making salsa from our backyard garden. When the economy colapsed in 2009 and our specialty woodworking business dried up we turned the hobby into a business.

Where are you located?

Old Lyme, CT

What’s in your product and how do you make it?

We are a natural food company. Our first product on the market is salsa. We have the Mild, Medium, and Hot but also make Peach Mango, Pineapple, Black Bean and Corn, and Red Zone, an extra hot made with Red Jalepenos and Red Bell Peppers. All of our salsas are All Natural, Gluten Free, and Low Sodium. We add only the finest ingredients and add no preservatives.

What’s your favorite way to use your product?

You name it, dipping on eggs, over a salad. We cook with it all the time. Check out our website for recipes.

What’s your mission?

We are committed to making the world a tastier palce and at the same time helping those in our community who could use a little help. We support many charities and food banks. Our product not only tastes great but is great for you.

What is your website url?

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