Miss Hortencia’s Original Mexican Hot Sauce

What is your product name?

Miss Hortencia’s Original Mexican Hot Sauce

Who are you and how did you get your start?

We are Akil and Angelica Peck. We created El Peka Foods, LLC. We owned El Sombrero Restaurant in the small city of New London for over 45 years. After the passing of my mother in 2007 we closed but in our minds we always held the thought that one day we would bring back the foods that made her and that she always loved. This is how El Peka Foods was born. In 2010 continued in the footsteps of my mother and pursued her dream of introducing Mexican taste to those who haven’t tried real Mexican food. Continuing the legacy of a woman who always envisioned her authentic Mexican food and traditions to live on. We will continue to bring our best and know you will enjoy it.

Where are you located?

New London, CT

What’s in your product and how do you make it?

Our product is a unique and authentic Mexican hot sauce originated in Mexico from a recipe that was traditionally passed down through generations. It is made with authentic chiles and spices from Mexico. Tomato, peppers, garlic, salt, and pepper.

What’s your favorite way to use your product?

Our favorite way is in Tacos, Fajitas, eggs and refried beans, or with any meat, poultry, or fish.

What’s your mission?

Our mission is to educate the consumer in original and authenic Mexican cuisine and to introduce the culture.

What is your website URL?


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